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Kensington Register and Retrieve

A multilingual online repository of security key information which allows users to access key combination codes and reorder lost keys.

Kensington Register and Retrieve
The client

Kensington is a well-known technology brand which has built its success on its range of security products and accessories.

The brief

Replace the existing system (which was built into their main site) with best-practice security methods and the ability to reskin the site for third parties.

The outcome

The streamlined user interface meant it was far easier for users to access and manage their lock information, as well as order replacement keys if needed.

What we did

Originally the information for this system was built into the main Kensington site, which was due to be replaced. So, part of the initial work was to migrate the user and lock data into a new database. This wasn’t straightforward as it was a system which had been developed over a number of years, so had various “silos” of data which needed to be processed in one way or another.

Rethinking the workflow
Whilst reviewing the original system, it became clear that we needed a much more efficient, easy to understand workflow, which could also deal with users that have vastly different amounts of lock data. On top of this there are different types of users with different levels of permissions, which all needed to be factored in.

Missing keys
One of the main purposes of the site is to allow users to order a replacement key for their lock. The system knows the serial number of the key, so can generate copies based on this. There was an established workflow for this already, which we integrated into the new site, so the client wouldn’t need to change any of their background processes.

A smooth transition
As the site and its data were being moved to a new location we wanted to make sure the changes were as transparent as possible for users. A transition plan was drawn up with notifications as to when the site would change with instructions and links on the old site after the move. This all meant the transition was an extremely painless experience.

A new face
Following the deployment of the Kensington version, we made extra versions for third parties which use the same underlying platform but with different user and lock data and a different design, which were made in conjunction with the relevant brand guidelines.

Tech stack
  • .NET Core 3.1
  • SQL Azure
The new website has genuinely transformed the way we work and we couldn’t have done it without you

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