Childwick Trust

Creating a system to help manage the funding applications and reduce administration time processing these.

Childwick Trust
The client

A St Albans-based charity set up many years ago to help specific types of other charities with additional funds.

The brief

Develop a new site which incorporates a funding application system with a form to submit requests and tools to administer these.

The outcome

The high number of applications would have meant many hours of administration previously - now these applications can be dealt with far more easily.

What we did

The site is for a charity that gives grants to other charities in various specific sectors. Prior to us developing this site, the application process for these grants was handled manually, which had been causing problems.

The application process
To solve this problem an application was developed for charities to submit their details, which would then be assessed before decisions were made on grants. The system and communications were controlled via administration screens, but gave applicants a chance to “save” their application before final submission.

Additionally each application is kept, so that admin users can refer back when assessing a current request for funds. During the pandemic, the number of applications rose considerably but the system was able to cope and most importantly it meant charity staff weren’t overwhelmed with requests.

South African connection
There is another version of this site which runs from the same code base but is aimed at charities in South Africa. This site contains slightly different content and also has a different application process and questions, but it made sense to build the two sites on the same code base so they could share further enhancements more easily.

Tech stack
  • .NET Core 3.1
  • SQL Server
The online grant application and management system has transformed how we work with our grantees

Kirsty Jones - Childwick Trust